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About the project

NIT has to turn away promising students from many countries every year due to financial background and the lack of sponsoring companies. Similarly in recent years they’d had to turn away promising students in fields – such as biotechnology. Students that if supported could have been admitted and would have added to the mix that makes the NIT experience a truly unique one.
Photo of the NIT community - do you remember how it felt?
Every one of us had the great opportunity to profit from a challenging education and spending two years in an absolutely exceptional environment with incredible people. Since then we went on with our lives, faced new challenges and profited more than just once from our time at the NIT. Now is the time for us to give back!
For the 20th anniversary of the NIT in 2018, the alumni community will be well grown and becoming mature. Thus we want to take the chance and enrich one per son’s life by granting a full scholarship for a future student of Class 20, with money risen by the whole NIT Alumni Network. For this ambitious aim, we need to raise 22.000€!
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  • 20 €
    You enable a studenht to buy the German language course book.
  • 35 €
    You make one day of German intensive Class possible.
  • 100 €
    You pave the way to one day of a Technology Management seminar.
  • 220 €
    You allow a student to take part in a whole course of the study program.
  • 900 €
    Almost a full month of the study program is paid by you.
  • 5.500 €
    You guarantee a full semester of the study program.


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