Meet Zhi Kai

We’re very happy to introduce Zhi Kai Chong, the first OneOfUs Student sponsored by you! Zhi Kai is from Malaysia, studies Chemical Engineering and recently arrived at the NIT.

Zhi Kai would like to thank your for the support:

Dear NIT Alumni,

thank you so much for supporting the OneOfUs program and nominating me as the first OneOfUs student. I am truly honoured to be granted this opportunity, without which I would not have been able to participate in such an invaluable program with the NIT.

Writing this in an NIT apartment, so far away from home, I cannot help but to reflect on my
path to the NIT. I grew up in the suburbs of Penang, Malaysia. Like all budding engineers to
be, my interest in how things work led me to take up a Chemical Engineering Bachelor’s
degree at the Petronas University of Technology. During my studies, I did an internship in a
Consumer Goods company’s Asia Pacific product development centre and fell in love with
that function. Therefore, upon graduation, I decided to apply to the TUHH and subsequently
the NIT, because I realized how important both Masters education would be to me gearing
towards a career in research and product development.

When NIT’s offer of admission arrived, I was very happy but sad at the same time as I would
not be able to afford the tuition with my current finances. Thus when the OneOfUs scholarship came through and was awarded to me, I was over the moon. I felt so relieved, grateful and fortunate. My life has changed, for the better, thanks to the kindness and generosity of the NIT Alumni.

Last but not least, I hope you would continue to support the OneOfUs program. With your
help, it will have the incomparable potential to change the lives of many more future NITstudents to come.

With upmost gratitude,

Zhi Kai Chong