Oct. 07th 2017


The best night of the year

This was Homecoming Weekend 2017

October 7th 2016

This year, the Homecoming Weekend took place on October 7th and started with a brunch, workshops and the general assembly of the NIT Alumni Network e.V. at the NIT. The highlight was the Gala Dinner in the Speicherboden in the historical Speicherstadt. What a night!

Check out the photos.

Daytime program


Workshops and Presentations
General Assembly

Location: NIT

Evening program

Alumni Ball

Location: Speicherboden Hamburg


Thanks to TK for the support!

Thanks to TK for the support!

OneOfUs 2016

We made it!

Just in time for the start of NIT Class 18, we successfully funded the OneOfUs Scholarhsip. Thanks to your support and the generous donations, the NIT Alumni Network and OneOfUs can support one student for the NIT Double Degree Program.

One year at NIT- read Zhi Kai’s Update from September 2017.

Read Zhi Kai’s Season’s Greetings.

Campaign progress

Aug 14th 2016: Thank you for participating in the selection. We will announce the candidate shortly.
Aug 2nd 2016:
 Sign up for our newsletter in order to participate in the selection process!
Jun 25th 2016: Successfully funded! OneOfUs 2016 is happening!
Dec 18th 2015: The campaign is live! We need to raise a total of 4,500€ to fill the 16,000€ scholarship.

Hamburg Alumni Stammtisch

On the 27th of every month, in the evening, alternating locations.

Stammtisch takes place weekdays only, so if the 27th is on a weekend, Stammtisch is the Monday after.

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Latest Events

19th NIT Alumni Stammtisch Hamburg

Wondering what’s special in the first Stammtisch of the new year 😉 The NIT brings you: 4th Hamburg Economic Dialog About you, Heute In Hamburg oder Applike – numerous established companies such as Otto, Haspa or Gruner + Jahr rely on in-house start-ups. Why? We will talk about this at […]

28 Jan 2018 8:16pm

17th NIT Alumni Stammtisch Hamburg

Location: Kick & Company, Klausstraße 1, 22765 Hamburg On Friday, 27th of October, 7 PM: It is time for a new Stammtisch after the great weekend of HCW17. By this Stammtisch, the recently elected board members would like to meet with Alumni (also current Students are welcomed) and hear their feedback, and […]

27 Oct 2017 7:00pm

Homecoming Weekend 2017

Location: Historischer Speicherboden, Kehrwieder 2, 20457 Hamburg (below Miniatur-Wunderland) Photos Daytime Program: Slideshow Photos Gala Dinner: [Show slideshow] 12► Photo Booth: Slideshow 123456►   Thanks to Alina, NIT, Kumar, Bahadır and Tim for the photos.     We are excited to announce the location for this year’s Homecoming Event: The […]

7 Oct 2017 8:00pm

15th NIT Alumni Stammtisch Hamburg

Location: Brauhaus Joh. Albrecht, Adolphsbrücke 7 On Monday, 28th of August, 7 PM: this is the 15th Alumni Stammtisch in Hamburg. Join us for traditional German food and great beer at Brauhaus Joh. Albrecht!

28 Aug 2017 7:00pm


One year at NIT – Update from Zhi Kai

Dearest NIT Alumni, Moin! We are now already at the start of the last quarter of 2017. I hope you have had a good run so far! It seems like only yesterday when I wrote an update about my time in the NIT around Christmas last year. In a few […]

13 Sep 2017 11:35pm

Season’s Greetings from Zhi Kai – our OneOfUs Student in Class 18

Dear NIT Alumni, Zwei monate sind schon vergangenen seit ich in Hamburg angekommen bin. Ich freue mich, Ihnen sagen zu können, dass alles gut läuft. Meine Unterricht an der TU und dem NIT gefällt mir. Ich habe mit meinen Klassenkamaraden von dem NIT gut kennengelernt. Der Deutschkurs läuft auch gut, […]

10 Dec 2016 6:43pm

Meet Zhi Kai

We’re very happy to introduce Zhi Kai Chong, the first OneOfUs Student sponsored by you! Zhi Kai is from Malaysia, studies Chemical Engineering and recently arrived at the NIT. Zhi Kai would like to thank your for the support: Dear NIT Alumni, thank you so much for supporting the OneOfUs […]

22 Sep 2016 5:46pm

One Of Us

Each of you had the opportunity to profit from a challenging education and spending two years in an absolutely exceptional environment with unique personalities at the NIT. Since then you went on with our life, faced new challenges and profited probably more than just once from our time at the NIT.

Now is the time for us to give something back by supporting the studies of an NIT student.

After the first 10 years of NIT, the alumni association brought the One Of Us project into being, which is aiming to sponsor a student fully for its’ studies at the NIT. We want to enrich a person’s life by granting a full scholarship, risen and sponsored by the NIT Alumni community.

For this ambitious aim, we need to raise 15.000 EUR!

In 2016, the Alumni successfully financed the scholarship of a student: the first One Of Us student. We are very grateful for that! Yet, we want to grant the unique NIT experience to more students in the future. So continue donating, however little the amount may be! Make sure to make a yearly donation so we will be able to sponsor several students.

As in 2016, once we raised enough money, you, the NIT Alumni Association members, will be part of the selection process of the One Of Us student.

Let us do this together and have influence on the future of our community. Let this person be One Of Us!

Wondering how much you should donate? If EVERYONE of our 400 Alumni donates 30€ per year (2.50€ a month) we would be able to sponsor a student in one year. If we can get at least half of you to donate this amount we will be able to sponsor a student in two years!

Scholarship Funding

IBAN: DE87200300000613542471
Bank: HypoVereinsbank
BLZ: 200 300 00

This account is set up exclusively for the One Of Us fundraising project, so you can be sure that your donation will not be used for any other purpose. We would like to keep track of the amount of money, which was donated by each class, so please state which class you are in the “Verwendungszweck”.

Thank you for your support!
Your NIT Alumni Network Board


Donate now!

Check out our campaign on betterplace.org, donate for the OneOfUs project and support the work of the NIT Alumni Network e.V.



Alumni Board

For us the Alumni network means staying connected and keeping alive all that we have got from our years spent at NIT.  
Whether it is the friends and memories or the extended professional network that you are interested in, we will help and support you staying connected to all that NIT means to you.

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