One year at NIT – Update from Zhi Kai

Dearest NIT Alumni,

Moin! We are now already at the start of the last quarter of 2017. I hope you have had a good run so far! It seems like only yesterday when I wrote an update about my time in the NIT around Christmas last year. In a few weeks’ time, my class and the NIT would begin to welcome the new students of Class 19. We are certainly excited and an initiation party can already be seen on the horizon.

During the start of the year, the NIT tried their best to pummel us with spring school while we had exams at the TUHH in March, but I am happy to report that my class and I survived, battered but alive and still going on strong. In contrast, my summer passed relatively smoothly, despite some stress in securing an internship, classes went well. I especially liked the Biotechnology aspect that I was exposed to this semester. The longer days and occasional sunshine certainly helped.

Having lived for almost a year in Hamburg, I think I am getting used to most aspects of Germany. I came to appreciate the various Brötchen varieties found in Germany. Current favourite: Weltmeister-Brötchen! The only thing that I still can’t get used to is the drastic change in daylight hours during winter and summer. The sky getting dark by 4pm in winter and the sun still going strong at 10pm in the peak of summer messes with my biological clock.

Since I first came, I have had the opportunity to visit a few countries in the vicinity. I just came back from a short trip to Prague, which I have to say is lovely. Besides the relatively cheap Czech Pilsners, hearty stews and scrumptious dumplings, it is really nice wandering through the large and fairy-tale-like old town.

I am also happy to report that I have successfully secured an internship at Bayer in Leverkusen. I started on the 1st of September and thus am writing this update after my first week there. I am working in the Technology Evaluation and Integration Department. They act as the internal consulting group of Bayer for technology scouting and evaluation of economics and potential. I will do a lot of reading, scouting and reporting on the technological feasibility, commercial readiness and competitor analysis for certain segments of pharmaceuticals, consumer health and crop science. The work is stimulating for me and thus I am optimistic about the rest of my time there.

Once again, I wish you all good vibes in life and work and hope that you find good camaraderie through the NIT Alumni Network. Happy homecoming in advance!


Warmest regards,

Zhi Kai Chong

Class 18

9th September 2017