Season’s Greetings from Zhi Kai – our OneOfUs Student in Class 18

Dear NIT Alumni,

Zwei monate sind schon vergangenen seit ich in Hamburg angekommen bin. Ich freue mich, Ihnen sagen zu können, dass alles gut läuft. Meine Unterricht an der TU und dem NIT gefällt mir. Ich habe mit meinen Klassenkamaraden von dem NIT gut kennengelernt. Der Deutschkurs läuft auch gut, glaube ich, aber erlauben Sie mir diese Nachricht auf Englisch weiter zu schreiben.

Adapting to a new environment can be exhausting, but the NIT staff and students have helped the new students get settled superbly. We were immediately welcomed into the NIT family, which I find very warm and supportive. I rather enjoyed the Advent Meeting, Welcome Afternoon, excursions and all other sessions put together by the NIT team and students. They made me forget that I was in an unfamiliar setting and instilled a sense of belonging in me.

My short foray into the German culture is quite interesting. I discovered the strong love of German service providers and administrations for the post, forms, procedures and structure. That required some getting used to. The student culture here on the other hand, is refreshingly similar compared to back home, in which I find some comfort.

My studies are also going rather well. Time flew by for me, the mid of the semester is already approaching. I am sure all of you remember how challenging it was taking up the double degree program, but learning is fun and I always remind myself of that when the workload gets high.

I also had the chance to explore a bit of Hamburg, which I find ruggedly beautiful. One of the highlights would be my first encounter with real snowfall early in November. As someone who grew up in the equator, it was magical. I remember distinctly grinning like a child when I wandered through the streets of Harburg while the locals gave me strange looks. Though, not everyone on the streets shared my glee, perhaps unlike me, they thought it became too cold too early.

I hope all of you are also doing well, enjoying life and finding camaraderie through the NIT network. I am happy to be able to wish all of you in advance, as a newcomer to the alumni: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Warmest regards,
Zhi Kai Chong
Class 18